The Abaco Cays


The Abacos islands are abound with wildlife: parrots, wild horses, flamingos, wild hogs and, of course amazing  marine life.


The Abacos consists of an island archipelago in the North eastern Bahamas; Abaco is 126 miles long and often called an “island,” but is actually a cluster of islands, islets, and hundreds of offshore cays, many of which are uninhabited.

If your dream of a Caribbean vacation involves a laid back, casual and unspoiled islands, come to Abaco, Bahamas, and discover the undiscovered.


Click a link below to see pictures and an island description:


Marsh Harbour

Man-O-War Cay

Green Turtle Cay

Great Guana-Cay

Little Harbour

Hope Town


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Dear David & Jackie,

We are writing to thank you for such an amazing vacation.  This trip was so much more than just a vacation; it was an adventure we’ll never forget.  Who knew that the Bahamas had so much to offer, from the swimming pigs in Big Major to the Iguanas at Allen’s cay and everything in between?  Conch diving, learning how to clean and prepare conch salad and conch chowder; everyday offered a new experience.  Our personal favorite was catching the 200lb marlin while simply trolling.  Being that this wasn’t a fishing charter, it was a very welcomed bonus.  We want to thank you for your hospitality, for making us feel like family and the gift of a new friendship.   We would definitely recommend Fat Bottom Girl Charters to anyone considering this type of vacation.   Save a spot for us next year!


Ryan and Mimi

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