The Abacos: Little Harbour

Oh what can I say about Little Harbour, other than it’s our favorite place in the Abacos, from our first visit we fell in love. We were so intrigued by the Johnston family story, their resilience and the mountain of obstacles they overcame to fully live their dream. Randolph Johnston’s book “Artist on his Island” is a must read to fully understand how Little Harbour came to be what it is today. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pete Johnston on several occasions and proud to own a few bronze pieces from his gallery.


What is there not to love about Little Harbour? There is so much to see and do in such a small area. Explore the caves, take a personal tour of the Foundry to see the art of “lost wax casting” or be one of the lucky to buy a piece of artwork from Pete’s Studio. For a real treat you may run into Wellington, a local Bahamian who enjoys sharing the art of cleaning conch. It’s a lot harder than you would think, so his instruction comes in very handy. Little Harbour is the perfect lazy day spot to lie in the sun, read a good book or take a long nap; all while your boat is surrounded by sea turtles, sting rays or many other beautiful marine life species.


Now let’s talk about Pete’s Pub – you can’t find a better place that fully embodies the true “out island beach bar”. They have wonderful food and the house cocktail the “Blaster” is just what the name implies, so be careful. We’ve been fortunate enough to watch Pete return from a day of fishing, only to later be greeted with a huge plate of fresh sushi (on the house) to be shared by Pete and all his guests. This close knit community genuinely enjoys each other’s company and they make their guest feel like family.


Little Harbour


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Captain Dave,

WOW – what a trip! Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful time, it was everything we hoped for and then some. My wife was a little nervous about spending a week aboard, but you gave her a sense of comfort and confidence that changed her mind completely. We have to give our compliments to the chef; Jackie, your cooking never failed to impress and we always looked forward to the next culinary delight. The Abacos was a great experience and next year we hope to return and visit the Exuma’s. I think you may have created a monster; my wife is now looking on-line for a boat of our own.

Safe travels,

Vic and Rene

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