The Abacos: Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour lies along the shore of a busy yachting harbour and offers a major airport about 3 miles from town and is also the commercial centre of Abaco.   It’s the most populated area in the Abacos and offers shopping, snorkelling at Mermaid Reef, sightseeing, such as the Castle built by Evans Cottman, the Out Island Doctor.  Stop by and visit the "Conch Man" and have him whip up a fresh order of homemade conch salad right before your eyes.  You can also catch a ferry to any of the other nearby cays for a day of exploration. 


For a true dining experience, visit the Jib Room, a Marsh Harbour landmark for their Saturday night steak dinner.  Come early to beat the crowds, enjoy a cocktail on the deck and witness a breathtaking sunset. Make sure and stay for the after dinner show put on by “The Limbo Man” and he'll show you just "how low he can go".   


If the timing is right, you may wake up after a night on the hook to a sailing regatta surrounding the boat – it's quite a sight to see a group of local children in fierce competition.


Marsh Harbour


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Captain Dave,

WOW – what a trip! Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful time, it was everything we hoped for and then some. My wife was a little nervous about spending a week aboard, but you gave her a sense of comfort and confidence that changed her mind completely. We have to give our compliments to the chef; Jackie, your cooking never failed to impress and we always looked forward to the next culinary delight. The Abacos was a great experience and next year we hope to return and visit the Exuma’s. I think you may have created a monster; my wife is now looking on-line for a boat of our own.

Safe travels,

Vic and Rene

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